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Empowering Economic Investment in the Horn Region of Africa

Official Launch Ceremony

Official launch of the HID in the houses of Parliament, 22 February 2012
(Photos from the event can be seen in our Photo Gallery)

The launch of the Corporation on the 22nd February was hosted by the All Party Parliamentary Committee led by its Chairman the Rt Hon Alun Michael MP and in the presence of the Minister for Africa, the Rt Hon Henry Bellingham MP.

The Invitation list included representatives from the Horn Regions and interested States, also potential investor interests.

As the Hon Alun Michael MP succinctly put it in the  House of Commons  Chamber,  “The Corporation has been established because of the lack of recognition that makes involvement in international trade and business difficult…. Despite its extraordinary achievements in stability and democracy, international donors cannot deal directly with its Government, and foreign investors face uncertainty about whether contracts—the basis of secure business—can be enforced…. The point of the Corporation is to facilitate international investment and economic interaction.”

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